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What is Finding Awareness?


The words, 'finding awareness' indicate a discovery, not of an ultimate truth, but of a path that each individual must take in order to find their own truth. It emphasizes not of a goal or a destination, but the process and the journey that makes the goal possible.

By walking this path we hope to bring about an irreversible change in ourselves through honest self-inquiry and right meditation.

Amit Pagedar

Amit has been writing on Instagram since 2018 as @findingawarenessHis writing has reached thousands of people who have come together to form a community based on honest and free self-inquiry. His work explores the path of ego-conditioning, self-awareness, meditation and surrender. He aims to empower the reader to take their own journey into the nature of their minds and discover the source of their power, authenticity, and perhaps, freedom.

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"Finding awareness is a beautiful exploration of the self beyond the ego. Anyone who's looking for self-awareness, inner peace, and a greater connection to the world will gain something from reading it. Amit's intention, generosity, and clear delivery is a gift to our collective" - Dr. Nicole LePera, The Holistic Psychologist.

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