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Together we will go deep into any problem you are facing and help you have an insight into it. I will give you practical tools to intensify your meditation practice and deepen your self-awareness. Below are some of the recentĀ testimonials.

75 mins: $120.00 USD
45 mins: $70.00 USD

Client Reviews:

"Thank you again for your time and insightful guidance and understanding during our session today. This is my 3rd session with you and each and everytime it has exceeded any expectations I may have had. Your deep listening and true insight into my issues or challenges yields an experience and journey I have rarely had.  Your perspective is deeply healing and transformative. Each time I have walked away with a lighter heart and a calmer sense of my place in this world. Many thanks my friend!"


"Thank you so much for this session! I am so extremely grateful I took the chance and booked it with you. Everything you talked about completely resonated with me and I learned so much more about myself and my blocks and what I need to move forward. You are doing such a wonderful job and your wisdom is beyond what I expected. There are no words to describe how fantastic I feel after our session and how much clarity your wisdom has provided me. This is exactly what I needed even though I had no idea what I wanted out of our session. I will definitely be taking advantage of your wonderful services again and again in the future. You are wonderful!! Thank you so much for sharing your natural gifts with the world."



"Having a conversation with you, we dove into that messy, hurting inner world.  Questions were asked that were not thought of before. Together we dove deeper, getting to the root of the hurt and suffering. I left the conversation feeling lighter. Seeds were planted for further reflection and observation. Much appreciation for this opportunity, and I am super grateful that you and your work came on my path. By the way, these conversations are worth every penny."


"The one-on-one sessions with Amit have been absolutely incredible for me personally. I have found answers to questions I’ve been trying to figure out for years. Amit has an amazing ability to ask the perfect questions, intently listen to my answers, and then is able to expound upon the topic to help bring it all together in a way where I find new awareness about myself and my journey. I will be signing up for more sessions."

Ryan P.

"It always feels a bit cheesy to say something has changed your life completely, but I definitely felt a shift last night after we spoke. I feel a lightness that feels so good, and so foreign. I'm excited to face the world with more openness than before, more acceptance of myself as I am, and a freedom I didn't really feel was attainable. Whatever may come in this life feels a lot more exciting than scary all of a sudden (even the not-so-great stuff). I feel oddly open to all of it. Thank you a million times! I'll be following along for years to come!"



"As usual the session with you was like an awakening. I don't know how you manage to walk people through sub-conscious shifts, but you do. I had been feeling so stuck in my patterns for a while, but talking to you always brings that curiosity to want to move beyond your conditioning & familiar thought processes. This was my second session so was able to get more comfortable, but I just genuinely want to appreciate the safe space you provide with your welcoming presence every time. Thank you once again. This community is lucky to have you."


This may for you, if you want to:

Understand why there is pain in relationships, and how to heal it

Figure out the direction in which fulfillment lies.

Have a deep Insight into the nature of Ego.


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This timeframe is more suitable for a deep-dive into our problem. Recommended for your first session. Most commonly chosen.


Private Session

These sessions tend to be short but effective in getting to the root of the problem. Good for following up to a previous session.