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  1. These will be donation based / pay-what-you want sessions.
  2. For the first half, I will cover a topic such as, meditation, ego, self-awareness, mental blocks, fear, surrender, in detail.
  3. In some sessions I will be conducting guided meditations.
  4. I will also be discussing chapters from my book, or portions from other books that have deeply influenced me.
  5. We'll practice the method of Insight meditation together, which is to uncover the problem step-by-step until there is an insight.
  6. Most importantly, since the audience is limited,  the Q&As in each session will provide a good opportunity for me to answer most, if not all your questions.

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Yesterdays workshop was really powerful for me. A key point I took from yesterday was that I have the power /ability to shut out the opinions of others and that it is ok to be afraid of big decisions and that it can take time. The three steps of meditation, visualization and correctness really resonated as mechanisms I can use to help me deal with the fear and move into excitement. Looking forward to future workshops. 


It was my first time attending your webinar. I felt the need to listen in, on this one , and I’m glad I showed up. I’m deeply grateful for all that you shared, and more so to all the wonderful questions that people posed. I know a part of me heard something it really needed to. Funny enough, my conscious self can’t put a finger on it and maybe that’s a good thing. Thanks once again for this initiative.


This was such a powerful, powerful webinar. Your talk and then the QnAs were absolutely incredible.
Re-listening to this webinar...many times tears came. It was such a healing webinar. Several things that were said in this webinar, were things that  came up in the 1:1 sessions. Such good reminders - listening to it again.


I think your work is amazing. Thank you for all that you give. You teach many lessons without saying anything. I find it incredible and very inspiring. I wish I could lose the fear of being me and have more intuition and insights so that I know which path to follow.  I am going to continue trying to meditate more. THANK YOU 



I appreciate your encouragement to follow our drifts and how things will beautifully unfold. My key takeaways are: It's not optional in life to find something you love! Nothing kills creativity faster than fear! Thank you for all you do and share.  It really is life changing. I believe you have have a special gift in your ability to calmly, clearly guide.