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Forcing Clarity creates Confusion

surrender Apr 20, 2024
A tranquil mountain and river scene with clear reflections, symbolizing the quest for clarity and the potential confusion that arises from forcing clarity.


Forcing silence creates noise.

Forcing balance creates imbalance.

Forcing clarity creates confusion.

Allowing everything, finds all three.


To allow is to suspend effort at both conscious and subconscious levels, momentarily. Can we do such a thing?


It feels unpleasant to allow when struggle has worked so far. For instance, ask yourself what you have been trying, forcing, striving towards since waking up?


Striving is a habit. Because everyone does it, it feels normal. Perhaps, it is time to consider that it may not be.


If we begin to see this, we understand that striving drains energy. It takes us a certain distance, but then it abandons us midway.


It is unsustainable. This idea becomes easier to understand when we resolve the paradox of actions versus inaction.


Our society prefers action. It fears inaction.


But society does not understand that action is impossible without inaction.


For instance, are you breathing at the moment, or is the breath happening? Are you thinking, or are the thoughts arising? Are you seeing, or is seeing a function that is carried out by your eyes?


Language cleverly hides the fact that what most of us call an action, is an involuntary response to the process of life. When we say “I breathe”, what we really mean is, “The breath is happening.” Our body functions by itself, we only allow it to function by consuming food and water, and by keeping it out of harms way.


This letting-happen is the other half of doing. To do things as they happen, is to find the balance between doing and allowing, between action and conscious inaction, or suspended action.


If there is too much of one, there is too little of the other. Total control is not just impossible, it is harmful to people and society. Reaching for total control brings total chaos. Total inaction is possible, yet that too creates the same result.


Think of a person in power trying to control everybody they have power over - results in a revolution.


Or think of a disorganized society in which no one follows any rules - it leads to anarchy.


All outward phenomena such as these, at global scales, or your personal life, begin in the mind. 


Force the mind to stop thinking, and it thinks twice as much. Force a clear resolution of conflict, and the conflict increases. Forcing anything, gives the opposite result.


Allowing, yields the result we are looking for.


Nature does not create by striving, it does so by allowing.


The balance lies in knowing when to take a step back. It lies in understanding how to relax. We struggle not because we haven’t done enough, but on the contrary, because we are doing far too much. 


Now is not the time to do. Now is the time to let-happen.


Hold this idea in your mind, and try something today that usually you strive to do.


I look forward to hearing your experience. 

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