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How to go beyond the Trap of Comparison

Apr 19, 2024
Excited boy discovering a box of treasures - symbolic of overcoming comparison pitfalls through learning and discovery.


Have you been Comparing yourself again?


When was the last time you compared yourself with someone else?


Did you spend time thinking about how they look, how they live, how much money they make, who they are married to, or how fortunate they are?


Don’t worry if it wasn’t that long ago.


It's a natural human tendency, deeply rooted in our psyche. Yet, understanding the nuances of comparison can unveil a path to true self-discovery and liberation from the judgments of others.


The Nature of Comparison:


To begin, let's consider the essence of comparison. 


In the physical world, measurement and comparison are essential tools for understanding and progress. 


We measure size, weight, and value against universally agreed-upon scales to build, innovate, and grow. 


It is objective, scientific, and a foundation for human advancement.


However, when we turn this principle inward and apply it to our self-worth, it becomes a subjective, emotionally charged process.



The Subjectivity of Self-Comparison:


There's no universal scale for measuring self-worth, so we each choose different yardsticks and compare ourselves to varying standards.


In the inner, psychological world, measurement and comparison yield incorrect and false results.


Imagine two friends, Sarah and Mark. 


Sarah constantly compares her success to Mark's, measuring her worth by her bank account, job title, and possessions. 


On the other hand, Mark thinks that he has a great job, but is constantly stressed.


He has people who report to him, but he resents the responsibility it brings.


He just bought a new house, but the basement is leaking, the walls need to be repainted, the payments are skyhigh, and he feels the pressure to keep working in order to bear the expenses.


While Sarah often feels anxious and stressed because of what Mark has, so does Mark!


His inner life is full of suffering, though on the outside, he appears wealthy and accomplished.

Don't be that Sarah.

Don't be Mark either.

Be you.


The Quest for Self-Knowledge:


What if I told you that there's a more profound way to know yourself, beyond comparison? 


Through meditation and self-observation, we can embark on a journey of self-discovery that transcends the limitations of comparison.


You don't have to look at what someone else has to determine whether what you have is enough.


You can determine that yourself!


If you are content, what you have is enough. You don't need someone else's verification.


Everything else is a false social construct.

Learning vs. Comparing:


Every moment spent in comparison is a missed opportunity for learning and self-evolution. 


Learning enriches our lives and fuels personal development.



When we embrace this path, comparison no longer defines us; it becomes a tool for understanding the world around us.


Remember that each of our journeys are unique. Life is not a race, but an exploration in the woods.


Start using comparison as sources of inspiration, and learning, not self-doubt. 


This shift in perspective will ignite your passion for personal growth and innovation.


Walk a different path—one where self-knowledge, growth, and learning take precedence over the judgments of others. 


Your journey of self-discovery is unique, and no external comparison can truly define your worth.


If you'd like to explore this topic further or share your thoughts, I'm here to engage in meaningful conversation.


Wishing you a path of self-discovery and growth,





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